The color determines the aura and look closely at the style trend

The color determines the aura and look closely at the style trend

The color determines the aura and look closely at the style trend


Although freewheeling is humane, modern civilization does not require that you can control the emperor’s new clothes everywhere. Therefore, art magically endows women with such and other beauty, and thus has the so-called style, whether the facial features are exquisite or ordinary. The body shape is slim or plump, and temperament always determines the aura. When it comes to color, everything can't get away from the romantic relationship, so that the urban life that likes color has the romantic potential and gives a glimpse of the trend of style.

urban romance

01 Putting aside the temptation of fresh and tender colors, the heart of romantic girls is as soft and ethereal as chiffon, rubbing haziness in the vividness, seeming to be ambiguous, knowing that it is relatively classic, fashion can only be the magnificent blooming for a moment, but it can't match it. The key to the beading, lotus leaf and pleated is the romantic charm of trailing tails.

02 In the city, the heart is in the jungle. The new lifestyle is to endure high pressure and enjoy the leisure. The body and mind are always relaxed on the road to be really comfortable. Natural and beautiful jungle prints with fruit green stitching pendulum , Unspeakably fresh and eye-catching, the mood is exhausted by oxygen supply, which makes the life of OL easier.

03 Facing the prosperity, it is purely becoming more and more luxurious, but what is higher than the temperature is the rising desire. Let’s enjoy the coolness. No matter how little you wear, you can’t do less than a vest. What can be simplified is the shoulder straps and hollows. The chain punk print is a bit of Hermes, and the bow can also draw out a fluffy sweet and charming.

fresh and fashionable

04 It is rare to use black to interpret the freshness of the city, but it is like a bright silk yarn with a cobweb, and it is easy to decorate two small flowers. The loose and simple version brings some urban romance with a small fragrance, two pure handmade The silk flower is like a good wish from childhood, fresh and elegant, adding a bit of color to the two-color life, and hitting the wonderfulness of both sexes.

05 Can play Xiaojiabiyu, can stand the gentleness of a celebrity, and contains the latent temperament of a celebrity lady, unclear, tall and arrogant, it is fresh and calm. The age-reducing effect of the doll collar and princess puff sleeves dilutes the dullness of the dark colors, and embroiders The hollow beauty is set against the dark blue wise stitching and apricot color is restrained, elegant and romantic.

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