The development status of the apparel market industry

The development status of the apparel market industry

The development status of the apparel market industry


In the second half of 2018, my country's apparel market will continue its recovery trend, service and individual needs will be awakened, consumers will also put forward higher requirements for product quality, and the proportion of the apparel online shopping market will also increase. The following is an analysis of the development status of the apparel market industry.

As the basic consumer industry of the national economy, the clothing industry is closely related to people's production and life, reflecting the level of national economic and social development. According to the analysis of the clothing market, over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, with the continuous development of my country's national economy and the continuous expansion of national clothing consumption levels, China's clothing industry has developed rapidly. At present, my country has become the world's largest garment producer, consumer and exporter.

In the field of production, my country’s apparel industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, but the international comparative advantages are more reflected in the production and processing links, and there is still a big gap in the value-added R&D and design compared with the international advanced level. . Different from the simple processing and production (OEM) relying on OEM in the early stage of development, my country's apparel industry has gradually begun to transform to design production (ODM) and brand production (OBM). The raw materials and intermediate products such as yarn, fabrics, and accessories Brand value is gradually being recognized by the market, and domestic and foreign consumers' awareness of my country's own clothing brands has also increased. In other words, my country's apparel companies are currently entering a transitional period, facing an important transition from the extensional development that wins by output to the win by product quality and creativity, brand reputation and management model.

In the future, competition in my country's high-end women's clothing market will be fierce. On the one hand, international brands are competing to gain a foothold in the Chinese women's clothing market, and their entry into major department stores and shopping centers in China has been increasing. This includes not only top-tier brands such as CHANEL, DIOR, LV, and BURBERRY, but also MAXMARA, MIUMIU, and MARNI. Other second-tier brands; on the other hand, the market concentration of domestic high-end women's wear companies is still at a relatively low level.

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