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Main color

The main color occupies a large area of ​​clothing color, accounting for more than 50%-60% of the province's area. Usually appear as jackets, skirts, coats, windbreakers, and trousers. The main color determines the tone of the overall clothes, and other colors, such as auxiliary colors and embellishments, will be selected around the main color. Only when the auxiliary color and embellishment color can be coordinated with the main color, the whole outfit will look comfortable and beautiful!

auxiliary color

The color matching the auxiliary color and the main color usually occupies 30%-40% of the whole body clothes. Usually appear on tops, coats, shirts, vests, etc. The auxiliary color, as the name suggests, is to assist and set off the main color. The auxiliary color is generally slightly lighter than the main color, otherwise it will give people a top-heavy feeling.

embellishment color

embellishment colors appear in order to embellish the main and auxiliary colors, usually only account for less than 15% of the outfit, usually in silk scarves, scarves, ties, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. Although the auxiliary color has a relatively small area, it usually appears as a finishing touch. A good combination of main colors and auxiliary colors can make you look more beautiful. And with good use of embellishment colors, you can look amazing and instantly capture all the eyes around you!

Use color law


The color of each person's clothing is determined by the interaction of a person's natural skin color, hair color and pupil color. There is a set of scientific and rigorous color application rules. Professional color image consultants use the six inherent color characteristics of "darkness, lightness, coldness, warmth, cleanness, and softness" to show this set of rules. It determines people's "personal color season pattern". We can compare these six major "Personal color characteristics" find out which one you are.


1) Inherent color characteristics of dark people: The color of hair, eyes, and skin are very dark. Most of the "black beauties" we often refer to are dark people. Hair: Jet black and thick. Eyes: dark brown to black, and the white part of the eyes of many dark people is slightly bluish. Skin tone Contrasting color matching: medium to dark, mostly dark ivory, yellowish brown with green undertones, brownish yellow with olive tones, thick skin. Overall facial features: deep and strong.

2) Inherent color characteristics of light-colored people: hair color, skin color, and eye color are generally light, lack of contrast, and unclear. Hair: It is not particularly jet-black, but basically the hair color ranges from tan to dark brown. Eyes: yellow-brown to brown-black, the whites of the eyes are slightly lake blue, and there are also common soft white. Skin Tone: From very fair skin to medium-dark skin, but the skin is thin and not too heavy. The overall characteristics of the face: light, soft, without sharp contrast.

3) Inherent color characteristics of cool people: the entire head and face are enveloped in a cyan undertone. Hair: from grayish tan to black. Eyes: brown to black. Skin tone: blue-white, white and transparent rose pink, blue-yellow, blue-brown. Overall characteristics: green and cold bottom tone, clear and clean.

4) Inherent color characteristics of warm-colored people: the entire head and face are enveloped in warm orange-yellow undertones. Hair: usually yellowish, so light brown, brownish yellow, brownish black. Eyes: The white part of the eyes of many warm people is yellow-white. Of course, this light yellow is healthy. Someone asked me if the whites of my eyes are yellowing because of liver disease. These guests are very cute. Some hepatic jaundice may have symptoms of yellowing of the whites of the eyes, but it does not mean that yellowing of the whites of the eyes must have liver disease. This is just your natural body color. . Skin tone: The warm-type NPC is characterized by a warm orange undertone, ranging from yellowish white to ivory to deep yellow. Overall facial features: warm, orange undertones.

5) Intrinsic color characteristics of people with pure colors: throughout the head and face, the brilliance of the eyes will be impressive, and the blackness of the hair and eyes will form a strong contrast with the pale face. Hair color: dark brown to shiny black hair. Eyes: black and white, generally speaking, the white eyeball part will be slightly light blue, the eyes are very attractive. Skin color: ivory white, bluish white, common light-colored skin. Overall face: clear, clear, and contrasting.

6) Intrinsic color characteristics of soft-colored people: The overall face has a feeling of gray fog, the color is not clear, and the color sense is not strong. Hair: Generally not particularly black and shiny, with brownish-yellow or grayish-yellow tones. Eyes: It won't be black eyes, but yellowish-brown. Skin tone: For medium to light skin tones such as ivory and serge, it is important that the skin is not crystal clear, like frosted glass. Overall face: magnificent and soft.

The color of the clothing can be matched according to the color matching rule

①The color of the whole body should have a clear tone. The main color should occupy a larger area, and the same color can appear in different parts.

②The color of the whole body clothing should be matched with shades, and there should be an intermediate color between the two.

③ Generally, there should not be more than two colors on a large area of ​​the whole body. For example, when wearing a floral dress or floral skirt, choose the color of the backpack and shoes from the color of the skirt. If you add a different color, it will feel messy.

④ The embellishment colors on clothing should be bright, eye-catching, small and precise, and play a finishing touch. It is generally used on various corsages, hairpins, scarves, badges and accessories.

⑤ Examples of color matching for tops, skirts and trousers: light amber-dark purple; light red-light purple; dark orange-indigo; gray yellow-light gray cyan; light red-dark blue; dark green-brown; medium gray-run red; Olive green-brown; yellow-green-run red; amber yellow-purple; dark yellow-green-cyan; gray-yellow-dark green; light gray-dark red; coffee-green; gray-yellow-green-daizhe;

⑥Universal color matching: black, white, gold, silver and any color can be matched. Match with white to increase the sense of liveliness; match with black to add a sense of stability; match with gold for a gorgeous sense; match with silver for a sense of harmony.

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