How to remove mildew according to the material of the clothes




When changing season clothes are not worn and stored for a long time, if they are not properly protected, the problem of mildew on the clothes will occur. Both the unpleasant odor and the mildew on the clothes will greatly affect the appearance. But the clothes are still very good, and it would be a pity to throw them away. The following editor will teach you some methods for removing mildew from different materials.

Moldy spots appear on woolen clothes. Put the clothes in the sun for a few hours. After drying, use a brush to gently brush off the mildew spots. If clothes are moldy due to oil stains or sweat stains, you can use a soft brush dipped in gasoline to scrub the moldy spots repeatedly, then wipe it with a clean towel several times and place it in a ventilated place to dry.

Mold spots on cotton clothes: Use a few mung bean teeth, rub them repeatedly on the mold spots, and then rinse them with clean water to get rid of the mold spots.

There are mildew spots on the leather clothes. You can dip a towel in soapy water and wipe it repeatedly to remove the dirt, then immediately scrub it with clean water, then dry it, and coat it with a coat of jacket oil.

If mildew has formed on chemical fiber clothes, use a brush dipped in some thick soapy water to wash it, and then rinse it with warm water to get rid of the mildew.

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