Three key points for corporate procurement of work clothes custom-made T-shirts




Every autumn, the general enterprise will make new work clothes and work clothes for the employees; here will involve many problems in the process of making the order, in order to better serve the enterprises, the company will have some regular questions, I summarized three points:

1/Corporate culture: I don’t understand that companies will use different styles when customizing work clothes. According to their own company’s own culture and main products, choose work clothes that suit their own employees;

2/Color matching:; According to the VI of your own company, you should pay attention to the reasonable color matching in the clothing design, so as not to pursue fashion too much, and give others a sense of fatigue; taking into account the decoration style of your own company, the main body of the advertisement,,,

3/In terms of style: Customize clothing to suit your own requirements according to different types of work; metaphorically the front desk is suitable for casual and atmospheric formal wear: shirts are matched with long-sleeved shirts, employees can wear long-sleeved shirts, and outdoor promoters can wear long-sleeved T-shirts or windbreaker jackets.

On a few points, more still have to find professional enterprises to customize according to their own business needs.

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