How do we usually classify clothing?

How do we usually classify clothing?

How do we usually classify clothing?


(1) Classified by gender and age.

①Age. There are baby clothes, children's clothes, adult clothes, or juvenile clothes, youth clothes, middle-aged clothes, and old clothes.

②Gender. There are men's clothes, women's clothes, and unisex clothes.

(2) is classified according to the way of dressing.

①Body shape. The type of dress that is packaged according to body shape is basically two parts separated from the top and bottom. For example, most Chinese men and women wear styles.

②Wearable type. Fix natural or artificial decorations to a certain part of the body.

This type is more common in primitive or modern ethnic costumes.

③Tie type. Tie ropes, threads, belts and other materials to a part of the human body, especially to the waist, neck, wrists, feet, etc.

④Hanging type. The form of cloth hanging on the body, such as shawl, cloak, waistcoat, etc.

⑤Wrapped type. A form in which the torso is wrapped with rectangular or semicircular cloth.

such as sari used by Indian women.

⑥ Hanging type. The full-body clothes that are connected up and down, in the form of long hanging down, such as wedding gowns.

⑦ penetrating head type. That is, the penetrating head type, the sleeve head type, and the drill bit type. This type of gown with a hole in the center of a rectangular or oval cloth, such as modern pullovers.

(3) Classified by purpose.

①Homewear: All clothing products that are related to the home, such as pajamas, underwear, etc., can reflect the home culture. Including traditional pajamas and robes worn in the bedroom, sexy suspender skirts, including home furnishings for decent meetings in the hall, work clothes for the kitchen, and casual clothes for walking in the community.

②Professional wear: also known as work clothes, which are tailor-made clothing for work needs. Suits, fashions, jackets, Chinese (Western) style clothing, uniforms and special clothing and other apparel products suitable for office premises. Professional wear brands include BONO, Pompeii, Yimingshang, Youngor and so on.

③Sportswear: clothing dedicated to sports competitions. In a broad sense, it also includes clothing worn for outdoor sports activities. Generally refers to sports casual wear used in daily life. Well-known sportswear brands so far include: Nike, Adidas, Anta, Li Ning and so on.

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