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About 20 million units are produced each
year for the Japanese market
Obtained < ISO9001 > < ISO14001 >

Anhui Xinlin Import and Export Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, with about US dollars 8.9 millions as registered capital. Since the establishment of the inspection company in 1994, many sewing factories were brought into Xinlin so that
the company developed into a group enterprise,it has become the biggest garment manufacturing enterprises at Suzhou in Anhui province. Xinlin group now employs totally about 11,000 people, including4,000 employees in China and 7,000 employees in Myanmar.
As of last year, the company's annual turnover has reached $200 million, with a target of $360 million each year for the next three years.
From Germany, Japan, the company imported more than 180 computer-controlled production lines, such as automatic cutting machines, 6 sets of design systems, etc., equipped with the most advanced standards of equipment all over the world.Mainly manufacture medium and high grade garments, we can sew more than 20 million styles every year. The company quickly obtains the garment industry quality management system < ISO9001 >, the environmental management system <ISO14001 >.The group is annually awarded excellent enterprise by the lacal public authority.

This company, as the world famous fashion brand production factory has made the contribution for many years. The company adhere to the business and management philosophy ‘rewarding from promising,striving for perfection’, with superior quality, thorough management and strictly abide by the date of delivery, we won the trust by a number of customers in Japanese market.

The company has established a stable cooperative relationship with all kinds of Japanese and some foreign enterprises. While establishing a smooth trade channel, the company is also committed to the investment and improvement of production equipment. The company firmly believes that with first class technology and trustworthy relationship, we will also be able to get best reward in Japan and other foreign clothing markets.

In the future, the company aims to become a maturer production enterprise on the next floor, and challenge new areas, in order to become a diversified international enterprises as the goal.


Entrepreneurial Story of
President Mr. Zhouxin

「'I hope to foster a culture that will benefit people
and I am proud of in all my life.’」


Anhui Xinlin Import and
Export Trade (Group) Co., Ltd.

President Mr.Zhouxin


Since there was no such dictionary in China at that time, President Mr. Zhou himself wrote a dictionary of sewn terms.

Anhui Import and Export Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading company, in which there are 20 wholly-owned sewing plants. This company specially devotes to Japanese, European and American markets.

It was the starting point that as an employee of a sewing factory in Japan, I was deeply moved by the seriousness of manufacturing, the precision of technology, and the attitude towards doing business . I studied all the sewing techniques on the spot in Japan, and I went to the bookstore to find a Chinese sewing dictionary, but I couldn’t find it at that time, so I wrote my own dictionary.

When the first dictionary of sewing terms was finished, I was still working in a sewing factory in Japan. Now I remember clearly that when I showed the compiled dictionary to the then president , ‘good job ’,‘It's great! ’,I got such a high rating. I felt that my efforts had been recognized, and I could not help bursting into tears with excitement. The experience at that moment made me full of confidence, and the idea: ‘In China, also to foster a culture that will benefit people and I am proud of in all my life.’was becoming more and more intense.

Currently, our company has set up garment factories in Henan province in which the labour costing is lower in China domestic,and we founded 7000-person-sewing-factory in Myanmar, the Buddhist country,with low labour costs and anticipated stable production among ASEAN member states.Expect to gain cost advantage. In addition, our company expanded the Japanese firm in 2018, looking forward to see that the cooperation with Japanese partners will be promoted more smoothly.

‘What should be done to build a better relationship with my foreign business?’ ‘I hope to foster a culture that will benefit people and I’m proud of in all my life.’

Tracing the initial idea for culture,with the expansion of production base in China and Myanmar, Anhui Xinlin Import and Export Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. is continuing to create new corporate culture.

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